Officers and Board Members

    West Texas Historical Association Officers

    President Alex Hunt, Canyon
    Vice President
    Leland Turner, Wichita Falls
    Executive Director
    Tai D. Kreidler, Lubbock
    Associate Director
    B. Lynn Whitfield, Lubbock

    Annual Meeting Coordinators

    Annual Conference Coordinator Austin Allison, Lubbock
    Program Committee Chair
    John Caraway, Abilene

    West Texas Historical Review
    Elissa Stroman, Lubbock
    Associate Research
    Editor Zachariah Forkner, Lubbock
    Editor Katelin Dixon, Lubbock
    Editor Zachary R. Hern√°ndez
    Book Review
    Editor Robin Boedecker, Alexandria (VA)
    Publications in West Texas History
    Austin Allison, Lubbock

    Newsletter and Outreach

    The Cyclone newsletter Editor Jim Matthews, San Antonio
    WTHA Social Media Editor
    Wes Sheffield, Burleson

      West Texas Historical Association Board Members

      *Board members serve two year terms. The date indicates the board member's last year of service.

      Troy Ainsworth, Las Cruces, New Mexico - 2026

      Jessica Brannon-Wranosky, Commerce, 2027

      John Caraway, Cisco - 2026

      Jim Crownover, Lubbock - 2027

      Golda Foster, San Angelo - 2026

      Dixie Hoover, Hawley - 2026

      Allison Kendrick, Lubbock - 2027

      Jason Pierce, San Angelo - 2025

      Linda Puckett, Post City - 2025

      William V. Scott, San Angelo - 2027

      Jennifer Spurrier, Lubbock - 2025

      Robert Weaver, Lubbock - 2025

      Ex-Officio Board Members (recent past presidents)

      Sylvia Mahoney, Frisco

      Becky Matthews, San Antonio

      Kevin Sweeney, Plainview

      Life Directors

      Paul Carlson, Ransom Canyon
      Garry Nall, Amarillo


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